Pumpkin Creek

There are some TV memories I will never document with 100% certainty.  One of those is the children’s TV show which introduced me to April Fool’s Day.  This is a clear memory (I know I saw a show which discussed April Fool’s Day and which showed kids or young people pulling AFD tricks on each other), but it is also very early, so early that I can’t remember the show or the network I saw it on (I was so young I may not have even known these things to begin with).  However, I recently came across this promo for USA Network’s Pumpkin Creek, which might be the show in question.

I have no clear memories of Pumpkin Creek.  The name does not flip any switches in my memory banks.  But the guy riding on the train and the amusement park setting seem very similar to this memory.  They seem almost familiar, in fact.  So even though I can’t be sure that this is the show (searches for “Pumpkin Creek” + “April Fool’s Day” don’t turn up anything), I think it might be.

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Janie Fricke TV Special

Here’s another early TV memory that didn’t make it into the book.  I’m not exactly sure what this is from.  I think it is a special 80s country singer Janie Fricke headlined in the early 80s.  The only part of the special I clearly remembered was a bit with Ray Stevens, which coincidentally is the only part I could find on YouTube.  I’m not sure how well this special or song has aged, but at least it is another item from my early TV experiences that I was able to document.


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Gigglesnort Hotel

Another mystery from my early encounters with TV has been solved.  Long before the playroom, I came across a children’s show which featured a character made out of clay and another character who looked similar to W. C. Fields (a personality I knew only from Looney Toons parodies).  Since I had gotten lucky with Allegro Non Troppo, I decided to look for this show as well, and I found it.  It is Gigglesnort Hotel.

I’m not sure how many episodes of Gigglesnort Hotel I had seen, nor how I had seen them (it looks like it was a local show out of Chicago, far from my home in Ohio).  But it seems like TV can implant its images quite deeply into our memories, because as soon as I watched the above opening, I immediately and undeniably recognized several things I hadn’t seen or remembered for decades.  My biggest memory, though, is of the clay character, whom you can see in action below.

Allegro Non Troppo

In TV In My Time, I mention a short animated piece I once saw between movies on one of the premium channels.  I’ve never known what that was called and had no hopes of seeing it again.  Yesterday, though, while I was wasting away a few moments, I decided to Google “animated aliens coke bottle evolve monkey”, which was all the things I remembered about the piece.  This search or similar ones had not turned up anything in the past, but this time it did.  It turned up an Italian film called Allegro Non Troppo.



According to Wikipedia, Allegro Non Troppo is an Italian critique of Disney’s Fantasia.  Like the Disney film, ANT has several pieces set to classical music.  The piece I remembered is set to Bolero.  As I watch it now, I realize I misremembered some things, mostly about the ending.  I hadn’t remembered the animals finding highways and skyscrapers and other man-made objects.  I had only remembered them finding the giant man statue and seeing the monkey pop out of the head.  Actually, I could cut the piece to be what I remembered.  The animals stop and start quaking in fear, they see skyscrapers and highways, then the statue appears.  If I removed that middle part, the piece would match my memory.  As it is, I’m happy to have finally found it, even if I didn’t remember it correctly!

You can find the entire 13 minute version of this piece here.  And don’t forget to check out my book TV In My Time for more of my 80s TV memories!

Centipede Cleared Of Mushrooms



In Arcadian, I mentioned a time my step brother cleared the Centipede screen of mushrooms.  Some people doubted this, saying it was impossible.  Well, thanks to MAME and a gamepad, I proved that it is not impossible.  As you can see here, I did indeed clear the first stage screen of mushrooms.  Again, I used MAME (but not save states) and a gamepad, which would be really different from a trackball, and I stayed on the first stage, being careful not to fully kill the initial centipede and thus bringing mushroom-producing fleas into the game.  I also killed myself a couple of times, which cleared the bottom of centipede segments.  But I did it.  So it is possible in theory and I’m certain my step brother did it in reality.

Centipede Cleared

Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer

Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer was one of those shows that I was aware of and didn’t watch.  I’m not sure now why I didn’t watch it.  I was always a fan of the hard-boiled detective genre and so should have been a fan of this show.  I just never spent time with it for some reason.  I was still aware of it, though.  It was a part of what I call “that vast TV landscape”, the general universe that was TV at that time.

What I did come across was the Mad Magazine spoof of Mike Hammer, which ended in the rather meta way of bringing Stacy Keach’s real life problems into the show’s storyline.


Don’t forget to check out my book TV In My Time for more of my 80s TV memories!