Out of the Arcade: Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong has about as much merchandise as Pac-Man and Q*Bert.  There is even more DK merchandise today, thanks to the modern Donkey Kong games.  Here is some of the original merch from the original arcade game.

A plush doll. I liked this one because his left thumb could go into his right hand, linking them together. I also like the Donkey Kong logo on his chest. Guess that helps if we didn’t know who he was.


Cereal is inevitable. This one has the added bonus of reminding us how ugly Mario used to be.


A Donkey Kong board game on the back of a cereal box? That is cool!


Donkey Kong board game. Couldn’t they make Pauline look any trashier? And how did Mario get that little hottie anyway?


Donkey Kong mug. For a minute, I thought DK was on a skateboard.


You got to have stickers. The one for recording your high score is awesome!
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