Atari T-Shirt

I’m not into cosplay.  Not even one bit.  (Yes, I wear a kilt to Scottish activities several times a year, but that’s living my heritage, not cosplay!)  I did, though, want to have a video game t-shirt to wear to the California Extreme Arcade and Pinball event, so I stopped by Target and picked this one up.


Now you might think it is weird that a guy who has been as thoroughly aNESthetized as me would go for an Atari shirt when there was this Nintendo shirt right next to it.



But it actually makes perfect sense.  The Atari shirt is more fitting to the venue, after all, as Atari made lots of arcade games and the Nintendo gamepad is for a home console.  Not only so, but I still have a lot of affection for Atari.  Yes, I am primarily a Nintendo guy.   But Atari was my first love.  Not counting the Telstar Alpha I had as a little kid, the 2600 was my first home console.  I played just about every classic game on that console.  I played it for hours.  ZIn fact, just this morning I saw this video

and I was surprised by how many good memories and feelings it evoked.  Sure, I’m pretty much wedded to Nintendo.  I look at it as the trophy wife.  But Atari was the girl next door for quite a few years, and it is hard to stop caring about those girls.

P.S. – Sega?  Yeah, Sega’s kind of like the your best friend’s hot wife.  You look, but you don’t get that attached.


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