The Power Line For Nintendo Players

What did you do when you were stuck on a game back in the NES era, in the age before internet walkthrus?  You called video game hotlines.  I don’t know how many of these hotlines existed, but I recently came across a commercial for one I had never heard of before: The Power Line For Nintendo Players.

This help line sounds pretty cool, despite the fact that the announcer says Mario incorrectly.  It’s Mario with a short a, not Mary-o.  Still, they were giving away a free patch, just like Activision used to do for their 2600 games.  I’d love to have that, and I certainly could have used whatever help they had to offer.

Sadly, I never called such hotlines back in the day.  I never even asked my parents to, as they all told me I should.  I knew they cost money and I didn’t want to make the investment.  I do wonder today, though, if this line still exists and who you would get if you called it.  Do you think the patch offer is still good?

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One thought on “The Power Line For Nintendo Players

  1. I don’t remember that particular commercial/number but I do remember ads for other call in hotlines for game tips. Always on Saturday morning commercials and in those nintendo magazines. Never called, but now I’m tempted to call this one just to see. I’m sure the patch deal is still good though.

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