Activision Patches – The Original Achievements

I didn’t log hour after hour on Valve’s Left 4 Dead just because I love shooting zombies.  I also did it for the achievements.  Earning something for playing a video game was even more motivation to keep playing that game.

Valve didn’t invent achievements, however.  Activision, one of the leading makers of Atari 2600 games, did.  They offered patches for players who could get a high score in their games.  Not software patches.  Fabric patches, patches you could sew on your jean jacket and proudly display in school.  Here are a few of them:




You can find several more, as well as the points required to get them, here.

Which one was my favorite?  This one:

This was the patch for SeaQuest (which had nothing to do with the NBC action series of the same name).  This one was my favorite because I earned enough points to get it.  I also had Dad take a picture of the TV screen showing my qualifying score.  Unfortunatley, i never sent that picture in and so never got my patch.  I earned it, though!

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