About AuthorDougMcCoy.com

AuthorDougMcCoy.com is where I enhance my ebooks with the pictures, videos, and other items that I would have loved to put into them but couldn’t. It is also where I run a blog related to my ebooks.

In the blog portion are posts of things that touch on the same subjects as the books but weren’t mentioned in the ebooks. The posts are jumbled together, but you can see just the posts that tie into each particular book by clicking that book’s title in the category menu on the right sidebar.

In the enhanced book pages are the complete ebooks along with the pertinent pictures and videos and other things that express what words just can’t.

And in the right sidebar are links to a few other sites. Some of these sites are related to my writings, some are not, but all are important to me.

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for reading the books, thanks for giving my memories whatever time you do, and thanks especially for sharing those memories with me in whatever ways you do. I appreciate it more than you know.

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