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Game Pro TV

February 18, 2014

I’m finalizing my latest book, TV In My Time. It is about all the TV I watched in the 80s. As I was finalizing it, I remembered a show that times into my video game books: Game Pro TV.

Actually a show from the early 90s, Game Pro TV featured J.D. Roth (who would appear in a host of other youth-oriented shows) and Bren-nan (a Bill and Ted clone) talking about video games. The only clear memories of this show is a preview of Act Raiser for SNES and a clip that ran that was submitted by a viewer. This viewed explained that if you left one creature alive on any board of The Legend Of Zelda, the creatures would not be respawned. So if you left one creature on each board, you would easily be able to navigate Hyrule. I thought it was a lame tip, especially considering that The Legend of Zelda was an old game by that time. Still, I liked the show and am glad I remembered it.


Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters

July 8, 2013

I was just browsing through Crackle (which means I am really, really at a loss for entertainment) when I came across a documentary I had never heard of before: Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters.

Being a lover of documentaries on weird subjects as well as video games, I decided to give it a watch. As the title indicates, it is about a group of Tetris masters who are gathered together to determine which is the world master. Interestingly enough, the version of Tetris they choose to play is the NES version. I prefer the Game Boy myself. I just think Tetris is built for the Game Boy. But the NES version was a good choice.

Overall, the movie is pretty much as good as The King of Kong and Chasing Ghosts. There are lots of interesting side stories, such as the return of a Nintendo World’s Champion player and his claims to be able to get to level 30 (in NES Tetris, level 29 is considered a kill screen because the pieces fall so fast). Even more interesting is that this guy has his NES standing on its side, something I would never have considered doing in the original NES area and wouldn’t really consider doing today! Check out the website, which is selling the movie for $10, or hit it up on Crackle.


Celebrities on Video Games

June 2, 2013

How did Atari and Intellivision sell so many consoles and cartridges prior to the great crash of 1983? By getting stars to shill for them, of course. Here are just a few stars (or soon to be stars) I’ve found in old video game commercials.


Game Over

May 22, 2013

It’s May, and I’ve finally finished the last of all the ebooks I bought with my Christmas money: David Sheff’s Gave Over: How Nintendo Conquered The World.


Game Over is one of the older Nintendo books I have found. I believe the author’s note is dated 1994, and there is no mention of more modern developments like the GameCube, DS, or Wii. The book mostly stays in the era I love, starting with Nintendo’s arcade days and moving through the Famicon, NES, Game Boy, and SNES.


While there is some talk about the development of classic games like Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda, the book mostly focuses on the business aspect of Nintendo (a fact suggested by the subtitle; you didn’t think they conquered the world just by having the best games, did you?). This was interesting and contained lots of information I had never heard before, but it was also a little disturbing. I have always regarded Nintendo as the white knight of the video game world and I hated to hear about some of their shrewdness in their business dealings. I also hated to hear about the few times they were bested in business. That was a fear I had expressed way back when I first wrote about purchasing this book, and it was slightly realized. Only slightly, though. I had already known that Nintendo could be shrewd and had made some missteps, so it isn’t as if their image was completely tarnished in my eyes. Just scuffed a little.


There is another book of this title by the same author. I don’t know much about it, though if I had to I would guess that it is an updated version. If you are at all interested in the business side of Nintendo, you will want to check out either one or both of them.


Mario Mania Players Guide

May 5, 2013

Yet another NES book I hadn’t known about: the Mario Mania Players Guide.

I never had this book, so I can’t say much about it (other than that it would go great with my other NES books).  Fortunately, there is a fellow on YouTube who gives us a complete breakdown.


Nintendo Classic Challenge Classic Action Poster

April 30, 2013

Somebody keeps putting great NES posters on Ebay.  I just came across this one, which proclaims “Classic Challenge, Classic Action”.  It features the later versions of Punch Out!! without Mike Tyson, the yellow-label Metroid, and Zelda & Zelda 2.  You can also see a few other games at the bottom, including the newer, non-black label sports games.  Yet another poster I would have loved to have on my wall in the late 80s and would still love to have on my wall now.



IGN Presents The History Of The Legend Of Zelda

April 28, 2013

I just used some of my birthday money to buy a book that had been on my wishlist for some time: IGN Presents the History of the Legend of Zelda.  I at first thought this might be an attempt to harmonize the timeline of all the Zelda games (something I tried to do as a kid with just the first two NES games and the Game Boy game).  At it turns out, it is really an overview of every major Zelda game from the original NES classic to Twilight Princess.

The book is a quick read, and while it does give a little insider information, it doesn’t give that much.  For that reason, some of the reviews on were negative.  I loved this short book, though, for a couple reasons.  The first is that I love the Zelda series, being an immediate convert from the first time I put the brand new game cartridge in my brand NES on Christmas morning 1986.  That being the case, I am attracted to and affectionate for anything that has to do with Zelda.  The second is that I have not been able to keep up with the series throughout the years.  I got my hands on the original immediately, and on the SNES’s Link To The Past as soon as it was released, and I eventually got to play Zelda 2 in college and Ocarina of Time after graduation, and the Game Boy and Game Boy Advanced games after that.  But I eventually just couldn’t get up, and there is no way that I can now catch up.  To do so would require buying multiple consoles and putting way to much time and energy into the endeavors.  The only possible way I could possible complete each game is by using walkthroughs, which would speed up the process but also reduce the accomplishment, so I’m just not interested.  This quick read, then, which had color pictures of each game’s cover art, is a way for me to at least get a taste of the games which time and responsibilities force me to love from afar, and for that I’m thankful.

You can get this short book for $1.99 at, but you can also read it for free here.  While free is nice, two bucks isn’t a super hardship to get it on your ereader and support independent writing.


Satellite and Four Score Poster

April 23, 2013







Speaking of NES posters, here’s a great one I found for the NES Satellite and Four Score.  Both devices allowed for four-player play, and you can see the games they went with on the right.  I could skip the volleyball games, but four player Gauntlet 2 sounds pretty great.



Capcom NES Poster

April 22, 2013

As you know if you’ve read ANESthetized, I’m a big fan of the Nintendo “Now You’re Playing With Power” poster.  Just now, a different NES poster popped up on my Ebay feed.  It is a poster featuring the Capcom line of NES games.  There is Bionic CommandoSection ZGhosts ‘n Goblins, and several others.  Not as great as the NYPWP poster, but still a pretty cool find.


Nintendo Get With It Kit

April 20, 2013

I finally got my hands on a Nintendo Get With It Kit.  Well, I got the binder part of the kit, anyway, and some of the markers.  I didn’t get any of the manuals and inserts, but you can see what I got here:


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