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8-Bit Wallpaper

February 24, 2013

I don’t just want to be surrounded by all my old NES memories.  I want to be able to live in them.  My options for this are sadly limited.  However, there is an Android app that brings me a little closer to this goal.  It is the 8-Bit Wallpaper app.  This app puts Super Mario Bros. in the background of your phone or tablet.  It’s free, which is my favorite price, and while it is kind of a small thing, it is still a thing that helps me enter that world I love so much.  Check out the videos below, then get it here.

There is also the 8-Bit Digital Clock app, which you can get here.


NES Emulator for Android

August 28, 2012

I started on an Android app kick with yesterday’s post on the Nintendo Collector app, and I’m keeping it going with this quick nod at John’s NES Lite, one of many NES emulators for your Android device.  “Portable nostalgia”.  You have to love it, even when it doesn’t work so well.


Sega Master System

July 8, 2012

I barely mention the Sega Master System in ANESthetized, but the truth is that I spent a couple of months with the console in the waning days of 8-bit gaming.  I hadn’t even heard of the SMS until after the Genesis was released, at which time it began appearing in the Toys R Us barbain bins.  Since it was such a bargain, and since the Genesis had made a name for Sega, my friends and I picked it up.  That makes the SMS just about the only example of backwards console awareness in my gaming history.


Those who know computers better than I say that the SMS was more powerful than the NES and that it’s colors were brighter.  I don’t know about all that.  I remember the SMS graphics (which was my only standard of measurement) being less than those on the NES.  I also remember the SMS having a very ugly brand design.  Where the NES had the black label/single game image design, the SMS had drawings over a grid.


Not so much










And where the NES had those beautiful gray square cartridges, the SMS had Atari 2600-like chunky, small cartridges which had just the game title and a red-and-black grid.


The console was pretty nice looking, though.


And the SMS had some good games.  I could have done without Alex Kidd in Miracle World (which was built into my SMS, starting if the power was turned on when no game was inside.  But there was also Phantasy Star (unbelievably aweseome), Trillion (pretty cool), and my favorite, Cloud Master.

The SMS also had a light gun, like the NES Zapper, and a few superfluous accessories, like the 3-D glasses.

Again, those in the know say the reason for the SMS’ failure in North America was the lack of third-party games (which Nintendo monopolized through their exclusive policies).  That may well be true.  To me, though, it just doesn’t seem as good as the NES.  That’s not to say that it should be dismissed as all bad.  It wasn’t.  The couple months I spent with it were fun enough.  It just wasn’t what the NES was, at least not to me.


Nintendo Power Issue #1 Review

June 26, 2012

Here is an awesome review of the first issue of Nintendo Power and the Nintendo Power phenomenon in general.  I dare someone to call the Pro PowerLine and ask for help with Super Mario Bros 2.

That one led me to this one, which you might like as well:


Yet Another History of Nintendo

June 25, 2012

I’ve posted histories of Nintendo before, but this one is way cool.  This guy did this as a history class project.  How awesome is that?  He even has a thesis: Nintendo has become the greatest video game company ever by pricing and innovation.  I don’t know about the pricing part.  That was always Mom’s area.  But I agree with the innovation part.



Turbo GrafX 16 Commercial

June 17, 2012

First Atari took a shot at the NES, then Sega did.  It was inevitable that Turbo GrafX 16 would as well.  Here are a few TG16 spots in which they slam not only the NES but Atari as well.

I actually had a TB16, and it still has some place in my heart.  Not as big a place as the NES, though!


Another History of Nintendo

May 30, 2012

I think you have to already know the history of the Nintendo company to get this one, but it is still cool. There are lots of interesting old images, including the original Duck Hunt game.


100 Downloads of ANESthetized

May 8, 2012

The revised ANESthetized finally got a 100 downloads.  It took it a long time to catch up to its baby brother Arcadian, but it finally did it.  Like Arcadian, ANESthetized has been given premium status by Smashwords.  Also like Arcadian, I’m still waiting for it to pop up on

If you haven’t picked up ANESthetized or Arcadian yet, do so soon. In a few weeks, I’ll be bumping the cost up to a whopping 99 cents! And leave me a review as well!


ANESthetized Reviewed

May 1, 2012

Wow, this guy really didn’t like ANESthetized.  I got some bad reviews on my first ebook, but this is probably the worst!  “A technical manual for pre-teens”?  Wow.  Admittedly, the first draft of ANESthetized was not as good as it could be and was put out too early.  Actually, I wrote it in a month and put it out right away.  The writing in the revised ANESthetized is much better.  You can find it on Smashwords now, and it should be on soon.  Hopefully, we’ll get better reviews!


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