When Animals Attack

In a part I cut out of the revised ANESthetized, I wondered about why there were so many games in which the hero was attacked by animals.  There were many of these games, but a few really stand out:

The guy who posted this video did me a favor by numbering the attacking eagles in Ninja Gaiden.  There are also attacking jaguars here as well.

If I understand correctly, everything that attacks in Metroid other than the bosses is an animal.  I likewise commented about this in a part I cut out of the Metroid section of the revised ANESthetized.  Were these animals supposed to be the pirates?  If not, why were they attacking?  Nintendo fixed this in Super Metroid and other sequels by adding actually humanoid pirates, but it remains the one (and only) thing I dislike about this game.  Now that I think of it, you could probably add Zelda here as well.  You could almost add Super Mario Bros. here, but I had the distinct impression that all the attackers in that game were minions of King Koopa.

Rambo.  This was the first time I noticed the animal attacking phenomenon.  Jump to 2:22 to see it in all its “glory”.

Predator.  Jump to 1:04 to see the scorpions attack.

And there are many more beyond these.  And while I really hate to nitpick the NES games that gave me so much joy, I had to admit that this is something I just can’t understand.  Yeah, you need a constant stream of things for the video game hero to kill.  But are these really worthy adversaries for Rambo, Dutch, Ryu, and Samus?  Isn’t it a tragedy when these great warriors are brought down by vermin?  I think so.

Yet Another History of Nintendo

I’ve posted histories of Nintendo before, but this one is way cool.  This guy did this as a history class project.  How awesome is that?  He even has a thesis: Nintendo has become the greatest video game company ever by pricing and innovation.  I don’t know about the pricing part.  That was always Mom’s area.  But I agree with the innovation part.


ANESthetized and Arcadian on Amazon.com

Well, it looks like it will take Amazon.com and Smashwords awhile to work out their differences, so even though I didn’t want to do it this way, I uploaded ANESthetized and Arcadian onto Amazon.com myself.  If you’re a Kindle fan (as I am), check them out.  Please don’t forget to give me a [good] review.

To celebrate, here’s an old Atari 2600 Jr. commercial.  Why celebrate with this commercial?  Well, because I remember it and love it but don’t plan on doing a book on the 2600, so I have to fit it in somewhere.

More NES Commercials

I posted a couple of early NES commercials that influenced my decision to “ask for a Nintendo for Christmas” in the enhanced version of ANESthetized‘s intro. Here are a few more that I had seen back then.

And then there’s this one. I never saw it in the 80s, and it’s a good thing I didn’t. It might have scared me off the Nintendo!

ANESthetized and Arcadian on BnN

ANESthetized and Arcadian have finally made it to Barnes and Nobel. If you’re a Nook fan, you can find them here. They are also on Diesel, Kobo, Sony, and the Apple Bookstore. Unfortunately, they won’t be on Amazon.com for awhile. Smashwords and Amazon are apparently working on the distribution of Smashwords books and don’t have all the kinks ironed out yet.

100 Downloads of ANESthetized

The revised ANESthetized finally got a 100 downloads.  It took it a long time to catch up to its baby brother Arcadian, but it finally did it.  Like Arcadian, ANESthetized has been given premium status by Smashwords.  Also like Arcadian, I’m still waiting for it to pop up on Amazon.com.

If you haven’t picked up ANESthetized or Arcadian yet, do so soon. In a few weeks, I’ll be bumping the cost up to a whopping 99 cents! And leave me a review as well!