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Arcade At Richland Mall

July 3, 2012

Remember the arcade I talked about at the end of Arcadian?  How the folks at Richland Mall had moved the games from the dark recesses of Aladdin’s Castle to the bright lights of the food court?  I dropped by that “arcade” today and took a quick video of it.

While I bemoan this sorry excuse for an arcade, I simultaneously honor it.  At least they have this.  How many malls don’t?



CGI Arcade Tour

June 27, 2012

What was it like to be in an 80s arcade?  Dave Dries shows us with this CGI tour.  Dig all the different machine styles, the neon, the authentic screenshots, the quarters lined up on marquees as players claimed “next”, and the Journey soundtrack!


The Red Donkey Kong Cabinets

June 13, 2012

Here’s something I didn’t know about Donkey Kong until I listed to the arcade episode of the You Don’t Know Flack podcast today.  If you’ve read Arcadian, you know I talk about encountering a blue Donkey Kong arcade cabinet (and being turned off by the color).  In the podcast, Flack talks about finding a red one.  Did I make a mistake in the book?  No.  As Flack continues, he explains that Donkey Kong had originally been made to fill unused Radar Scope cabinets.   Apparently, that’s where the red ones came from.  Also apparently, the Donkey Kong cabinet I encountered in the convenient store was not one of these original red ones but one of the later and more common blue ones.


Check out the arcade episode of You Don’t Know Flack and the other episodes as well.  Also check out Flack’s (real name Rob O’Hara) ebooks: Invading Spaces (about collecting arcade games) and Commodork (about Commodore BBSes).  If you liked Arcadian, you’ll like these as well.


Space Invaders News Story

June 11, 2012

Could this be the evening news story I mentioned in Arcadian, the story that introduced me to Space Invaders and video games in general?  I have no way of knowing for sure, but it was a story like this.  BTW, I’ve been by the Atari Sunnyvale location they mention, as you can see in my Tour of Atari video!


Arcade Cabinets – Upright vs Cocktail

June 9, 2012

Arcade games came in two types of cabinets: the upright cabinet and the cocktail cabinet.

The cocktail cabinet was perhaps the first I ever played.  The Space Invaders knock-off game my dentist had in his office was a cocktail cabinet, and my experiences with it could very well have been my first arcade experience.  These cabinets looked like tables.  You sat down at them to play like you sat down at a table.  You could even use them as tables if you wanted to.  The screen was in the table top and you had to look down at it.

Cocktail Ms. Pac-Man cabinet

The upright cabinet was the more popular and familiar.  The screen was held horizontally, and you played it standing up.  For games that only took one hand, like Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, you could put your free hand on the cabinet side, or, if you were really cool, hang in from the cabinet top.

Upright Ms. Pac-Man cabinet.

I certainly prefer the upright version.  There is just something about playing while standing that I prefer.  I wouldn’t completely dismiss the cocktail version, though.  Heck, I wouldn’t even completely dismiss the bar top versions that I never saw or played, even though they are much too small for my taste.  An arcade game is an arcade game, after all, no matter what kind of cabinet it comes in.


Arcadian on Diesel

April 30, 2012

Wow, it took a long time to get Arcadian approved for Smashwords premium, and it’s taking even longer to get it on  But at least it’s on Diesel.  Check it out and leave me a review while it’s still free!


100 Downloads of Arcadian

April 5, 2012

Arcadian has been downloaded 100 times in less than 2 weeks!  And none of those were by me!  No doubt VicSage’s write up of the book on was the major force behind this.  If you haven’t downloaded Arcadian yet, do so now before I start charging!  You can get it here.




Inside The Dragon’s Lair

April 2, 2012

A documentary on Dragon’s Lair?  Yep, it’s coming.  If you loved King of Kong or Chasing Ghosts, you’ll love this one, too.   Watch the trailer and notice how Bluth gives some of the same thoughts about the game that I give in Arcadian.



Thanks also to the Inside the Dragon’s Lair Facebook page which gave a shout out to Arcadian yesterday.  Really appreciate it, guys!


Arcadian Cover Art

February 29, 2012

Sear Hartter just sent me the cover he did for Arcadian: The Great Arcade Games of the 80s.

Is that awesome or what?  Thanks Sean!

I will be giving Arcadian a final polish and then releasing it through Amazon, Barnes and Nobels, and other ebook vendors.  Keep checking back for updates!


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