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February 10, 2014

I’m reading AtariInc: Business Is Fun. I haven’t finished it yet, but I came across this great prototype of a VCS that was produced by Atari shell company Kee games. It looks a lot better than the Woody to me! Screenshot_2014-02-09-21-14-26


I Heart Atari

November 20, 2013

Just found this t-shirt on Ebay. Brilliant.

Heart Atari

If you’re interested, you can find it here.


Celebrities on Video Games

June 2, 2013

How did Atari and Intellivision sell so many consoles and cartridges prior to the great crash of 1983? By getting stars to shill for them, of course. Here are just a few stars (or soon to be stars) I’ve found in old video game commercials.


Old Video Games Couldn’t Be Won

January 17, 2013

I think I mentioned the first part of this idea in ANESthetized.  The fact that old video games couldn’t be won and never ended was what made The Legend of Zelda such a surprise.  But Atari’s recent Facebook post puts a much more pessimistic turn on this fact.




Atari Flashback 4

November 13, 2012

Atari posted on Facebook today that their Flashback 4 has been released.

Since I have an old 2600 and prefer to play on that, I won’t be buying one.  Still, if you’re the modern retro type (and I kind of am; I like emulating the old school games on the computer), then the Flashback might be for you.  It has 75 games, including:

3D Tic-Tac-Toe
Adventure II
Air·Sea Battle
Black Jack
Canyon Bomber
Championship Soccer
Circus Atari
Combat Two
Crystal Castles
Demons to Diamonds
Desert Falcon
Dodge ‘Em
Double Dunk
Fatal Run
Flag Capture
Frog Pond
Front Line
Fun with Numbers
Grand Prix
Haunted House
Home Run
Human Cannonball
Jungle Hunt
Maze Craze
Miniature Golf
Missile Command
Night Driver
Off The Wall
Realsports Baseball
Realsports Basketball
Realsports Soccer
Realsports Volleyball
Return to Haunted House
Save Mary
Sky Diver
Slot Machine
Slot Racers
Space Invaders
Space War
Star Ship
Stellar Track
Street Racer
Submarine Commander
Super Baseball
Super Breakout
Super Football
Video Checkers
Video Chess
Video Olympics
Video Pinball
Yars’ Revenge

I have the cartridges of lots of these, and I have lots of others on the Atari Android app, but if you don’t have them, Flashback 4 is a good way to pick them up.  You can get it at, but I’ve also heard it is at retail stores as well.


Space Invaders Laser Base

November 4, 2012

When does an Atari 2600 arcade port have better graphics than the original?  Is such a thing even possible?  It was with Space Invaders.  If you’ve read Arcadian, you know that I wasn’t happy with the Space Invaders laser base.  I thought it looked like  a bracket put on its side.  I still think that today.

Well, when Atari ported the game to the 2600, they refined the laser base a little.  Here’s how it came out on the Atari.

Is that better?  I think it is.  And so it is a time, perhaps the only and only time, when the Atari 2600 had better graphics than an arcade game.


Activision Anthology App

September 17, 2012

Well, I complained that there were no Activision games on the Atari Greatest Hits Android App,  but I didn’t have to wait that long to get them.  I just found out about and bought the Activision Anthology Android App.  Here’s some thoughts about it.


Just What Is The Millipede Avatar Anyway?

September 13, 2012

Millipede has the same problem Centipede has.  The avatar is indescript.  Just what is this thing supposed to be?

Fortunately, we have a lot more help with Millipede than Centipede.  According to the arcade game flyers (the authoritative source), the avatar is a human archer, as described in this lengthy story.


Usually, the avatar is depicted just as he is described.

The big question is how this affects Centipede.  Does the fact that the Millipede avatar is a human fighting giant insects mean that the Centipede avatar is, too?  Only Atari knows for sure.


Just Want Is The Centipede Avatar Anyway?

September 11, 2012

In Arcadian, I talked about my confusion about what the avatar/player character/hero of Centipede was supposed to be.


To me, it looks like another insect.  It has what seems like a head with eyes and a stinger coming out it’s front.  Maybe a probiscus?  If not that, then it is a ship.  It has a ship shape with a back end that might be a thruster, two windshields, and a forward gun.

Other people had other ideas, though.  The Atari 2600 version depicted him as a little gnome or elf with a magic wand.

The game didn’t, of course.  It just depicted it as a rectangle.


The new Centipede Origins depicts him as a gnome as well, albeit a much different one from the 2600 version.

The Playstation version had him as a little guy in little ship.

I figure the best source for this quandry, though, is the original arcade flyers.  After all, the arcade version is the official version.  All the others are ports.  So what the arcade version says goes.  And what the arcade version says is…nothing.

I know that’s a little small, but if you blow up one section, it refers to the avatar as a “gun”.

That’s about the only reference to the identity of the avatar I could find in the flyer.  So I guess we have to go with that.  And I also guess that isn’t so bad.




More Fun With Atari’s Greatest Hits Android App

September 10, 2012

After playing around some more with the Atari Greatest Hits Android app, I discovered some interesting and really cool things.  Here are a few of them.


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