Classic Video Games by Brian Eddy recommends lots of stuff.  Some of it I am not at all interested in.  Some of it I can’t believed they recommended at all.  And some of it is right on the money.  Brian Eddy’s Classic Video Games: The Golden Age 1971-1984 is one of those.


Amazon said, “You might like this,” and I said, “Yeah, I might.”  So I downloaded the preview.  Pretty soon I downloaded the whole book.  It is very much like my Arcadian n that it gives a brief overview of the arcade games of this era.  One exception is that Eddy gives more a sense of history than what I did/could.  Another is that he has pictures.  On my tablet Kindle app, those pictures look great.


Some have criticized the book as being short in length and on details, but in my opinion, Eddy gives me just what I’m looking for: portable nostalgia, the opportunity to open my tablet anytime I’m missing the neon lights and digitized sounds of the game of my youth and relived them for a moment.  In reality, there is no way you can encapsulate the beauty and meaning of a golden age video game in a book.  But you can evoke the feel.   You can point to it.  You can echo it.  That’s what I wanted to do in Arcadian.  I don’t know Eddy, and I don’t know if that’s what he wanted to do in Classic Video Games, but he did, and I thank him for it.  I hope another volume is coming!

Pick up Classic Video Games: The Golden Age 1971-1984 here.  It’s a little pricier than Arcadian, but it has pictures and there is a hard copy.

Retroist Q*Bert Podcast

I always love the Retroist’s podcasts, but I especially love his video game podcasts.  He outdid himself today with a podcast on one of the games I cover in Arcadian, the classic arcade game Q*Bert.

Check out the podcast at listen to it below.

Scadia Fun Center Arcade

I said in Arcadian that I didn’t even know where the nearest arcade was anymore.  Well, I just found out.  The nearest arcade to me (or the nearest I know about) is in the Scadia Family Fun Center.


Scandia is located in Fairfield, CA,  about a half hour from me.  It is indeed a center of fun. They have go-carts, batting cages, bumper boats, lazer tag, miniature golf, and, of course, an arcade.  My friends took me there today specifically to enjoy the arcade.  Alas, I didn’t get to.  Miniature golf took up too much of our time.  But I did snap a few pics of some of the retro games they have there.

A combination Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, and Mario Bros cabinet. Would have been cooler to see all three individuals cames in their original classic state, but this combo was still cool.


Robotron and Joust combo cabinet. Not sure you can see Joust, but it was there.


Defender. I never played this in the arcade, only on the Atari 2600. Pretty cool to find this one!