Classic Video Games Hardware 01

I searched Amazon’s Kindle store for “video games”.  When I did, I found  Classic Videogames Hardware 01.



This book has a kind of strange name, but it covers every classic video game system from the beginning of the home console era to the N64.  In most cases, the authors cover the consoles themselves and then list ten of their “perfect” games.  Most of the classics you know are here: Atari 2600, Intellivision, NES, Master System, etc.  There are also some oddities I’d never heard of: Wonderswan, PC-FX, and various computers.  The authors are from the UK, so they give a perspective on these consoles that I wasn’t used to.  They also cover several consoles and computers that didn’t make it in the states.  I was a little thrown off by some the consoles I didn’t know and the constant references to “pounds” instead of dollars, but I liked how indepth the reviews were.  If you’re interested, you can Classic Videogames Hardware 01  on and Itunes.