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100 Computer Games To Play Before You Die

May 3, 2014

I’ve bragged about my free Scribd account before.  Yesterday, I used it to read this book: 100 Computer Games to Play Before You Die by Steve Bowden.

100 Computer

Bowden fills this book with 100 reviews of great video games from both the classic and the modern eras.  The reviews are short (usually 3 Kindle pages) and yet seem pretty info-packed.  This results in the desire to keep reading.  It did for me, anyway. I always wanted to see which game was next and what he said about it.  The entries are in alphabetical order, and since they span the entire video game era and not just the retro era, they include only a few retro games (Donkey KongDefender) or franchise (Super Mario Bros.Legend of Zelda, and Metroid are each represented by later games, not the originals).  And being limited to 100 keeps a lot of good stuff from being included.  Still, it is a fun and quick read which I recommend.  If you don’t have a Scribd account, you can get it from here.


And after you finish with this one, check out my video game books ANESthetized and Arcadian, or listen to my Atari 2600 podcast with author Justin Kyle.


Other Toys Ebooks

November 19, 2013

So according to, Playthings of the Past is a number one best seller. It is a number one best seller in a category that only has 45 other books in it, but that still makes it a number one best seller and me a number one best selling author.

Number One

This got me thinking about what competition was out there, so I investigated the category in which I was number one and found these other awesome books.

Toy Time looks like a really great book. I haven’t read it, but I’ve looked through the table of contents and I can tell that the author covers a ton of great toys.

Toy Time

I read Transformers: Memories from Childhood over the summer. It was short and fun. I highly recommend it.


Totally Tubular Toys of the 80s has lots of great pictures and focuses on my favorite period of toy history (which I hope to write more about soon in an upcoming book!).

Totally Tubular

Even my daughter loves Just Can’t Get Enough. It has lots of great pictures as well and is designed like a Trapper Keeper.


And finally, Playing With Toys is a collection of chapters about toys and toy-related memories editted by Christopher Tupa, the artist who did the covers of Anesthetized and Playthings of the Past. I have a chapter in it as well. It isn’t on, but it is on Smashwords and is free!



Classic Video Games by Brian Eddy

September 9, 2012 recommends lots of stuff.  Some of it I am not at all interested in.  Some of it I can’t believed they recommended at all.  And some of it is right on the money.  Brian Eddy’s Classic Video Games: The Golden Age 1971-1984 is one of those.


Amazon said, “You might like this,” and I said, “Yeah, I might.”  So I downloaded the preview.  Pretty soon I downloaded the whole book.  It is very much like my Arcadian n that it gives a brief overview of the arcade games of this era.  One exception is that Eddy gives more a sense of history than what I did/could.  Another is that he has pictures.  On my tablet Kindle app, those pictures look great.


Some have criticized the book as being short in length and on details, but in my opinion, Eddy gives me just what I’m looking for: portable nostalgia, the opportunity to open my tablet anytime I’m missing the neon lights and digitized sounds of the game of my youth and relived them for a moment.  In reality, there is no way you can encapsulate the beauty and meaning of a golden age video game in a book.  But you can evoke the feel.   You can point to it.  You can echo it.  That’s what I wanted to do in Arcadian.  I don’t know Eddy, and I don’t know if that’s what he wanted to do in Classic Video Games, but he did, and I thank him for it.  I hope another volume is coming!

Pick up Classic Video Games: The Golden Age 1971-1984 here.  It’s a little pricier than Arcadian, but it has pictures and there is a hard copy.


Nintendo Fan Club News

June 28, 2012

Did you catch that part in the NIntendo Power post a couple of weeks ago about Nintendo Fan Club News?  I had never heard of NFCN before then, or if I had, I had forgotten it.  I only remember Nintendo Power today.  But I guess NFCN was out there.  Here’s a video from somebody who knows more about it than I do.


More Nintendo Videos

May 4, 2012

Recording my thoughts about the NES on the page is one thing.  Recording them on video is another.  Here are a few more quick vids I made to emphasize a few of the points I talked about in ANESthetized.




100 Downloads of Arcadian

April 5, 2012

Arcadian has been downloaded 100 times in less than 2 weeks!  And none of those were by me!  No doubt VicSage’s write up of the book on was the major force behind this.  If you haven’t downloaded Arcadian yet, do so now before I start charging!  You can get it here.




New ANESthetized Cover

March 1, 2012

Christopher Tupa just redid the ANESthetized cover for the revised edition.  Now it’s gold like a Legend of Zelda cartridge!  Thanks Christopher!


Arcadian Cover Art

February 29, 2012

Sear Hartter just sent me the cover he did for Arcadian: The Great Arcade Games of the 80s.

Is that awesome or what?  Thanks Sean!

I will be giving Arcadian a final polish and then releasing it through Amazon, Barnes and Nobels, and other ebook vendors.  Keep checking back for updates!


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