Damsels In Distress

In a part I cut out of the revised ANESthetized, I wondered why heroes in Nintendo games were always rescuing their girlfriends.  Not every game followed this conceit, of course, even when the heroes were rescuing girls.  Princess Toadstool was not Mario’s girlfriend as far as I know, nor was Zelda Link’s girlfriend.  But lots of games did.  Here are a few of the many games in which the heroes had to rescue their girlfriends:


Kung Fu – Thomas saves Sylvia


River City Ransom – Alex saves Cyndi

Double Dragon – Billy and Jimmy save Miriam

Adventures of Lolo – Lolo saves Lala

These are just a few of the hero-saves-girlfriend games that came to mind.  And I really don’t have any problem with this conceit.  I do have to wonder, though, why nobody in Nintendo-land was ever married.  Why weren’t they ever saving their wives?

Yet Another History of Nintendo

I’ve posted histories of Nintendo before, but this one is way cool.  This guy did this as a history class project.  How awesome is that?  He even has a thesis: Nintendo has become the greatest video game company ever by pricing and innovation.  I don’t know about the pricing part.  That was always Mom’s area.  But I agree with the innovation part.


Sega Genesis Commercial Slams the NES

The Atari XE commercial I posted a few days ago didn’t make a dent in the NES’ popularity.  But this Sega Genesis commercial did.  The boast of “16-bit arcade graphics” was powerful enough to pull even me away from the NES.  This commercial and this console really were the beginning of the end for my little gray box with the black stripe….that is, until I came to my senses years later and discovered that my love for the NES was greater than the Genesis, Turbo-grafx 16, and Super Nintendo.  Now, this “16-bit arcade graphics boast” seems hollow.  It’s the 8-bit graphics that ultimately stuck with me!

You’d find this boast in comic book and magazine ads as well.

NES Control Deck Boxes

I talk in ANESthetized about the box my Nintendo Control Deck set came in.  You can partially see that box in this picture.

If I blow it up and rotated it some, it comes out like this:

That box made a huge impression on me.  But it was not the only box the Control Deck set came in.  There were several others.

This one is close to mine but not quite. The Nintendo logo is in the wrong place and there isn’t some of the text there is on mine.
I believe this was a later version.
A slight variation on the previous one.
Dr. Mario? Really?
This one came with The Official Players Guide.

These weren’t even close to all the variations there were on this box.  And this set wasn’t the only NES set out there.  So there were lots of different NES boxes.  My favorite?  The one I got that Christmas Day, of course!