Game Over for Nintendo Power

It looks like Nintendo Power, the only magazine that mattered when I was a high school underclassman, is no more.  Forbes is reporting that Future Publishing, the magazine’s publisher, is not certain about the magazine’s future.   While that is not exactly a tombstone, it does sound like a death knell.

I can’t say that the end of Nintendo Power will affect me that much.  I haven’t touched the magazine for years.  I didn’t even know it was still being published.  But I do think it is sad.

Nintendo Power Class Act Binder

Here’s where two of my loves merge.  The first is my love for the NES.  The second is my love for all things 80s.  While these two loves have always been related, they combine in this beauty here, the Nintendo Power Class Act Binder.

Dubbed the “Get With It” kit, this binder was a Worlds of Wonder Class Act Stuff-It Binder that had been lightly transformed by the addition of a little color and a Nintendo Power logo.  Not only so, but it came with a six month subscription to Nintendo Power, some markers, and a Game Pak dictionary.  Though I was normally a Trapper Keeper guy, I did lust after the Stuff-It, and the addition of the Nintendo logo makes it even more irresistable.  You can still find some unopened Nintendo Power binders on ebay, but they’re rare.

Nintendo Fan Club News

Did you catch that part in the NIntendo Power post a couple of weeks ago about Nintendo Fan Club News?  I had never heard of NFCN before then, or if I had, I had forgotten it.  I only remember Nintendo Power today.  But I guess NFCN was out there.  Here’s a video from somebody who knows more about it than I do.