Preferred Playing Position

There are lots of positions to take at an arcade game.  Some guys grip the sides, other guys rest their hands on the control panel.  But this position, which I demonstrated while playing Ms. Pac-Man at the California Extreme Arcade and Pinball Show, is my favorite.

Doug playng MS Pac-Man

As you can see, I’m not only hanging my left hand off the top of the cabinet, but I’m also crossing my ankles.  Admittedly, there are only a few games you can play in this way: the Pac-Mans, Frogger, Q*Bert, and any other game that doesn’t require two hands.  Still, it is my preferred position, and I’ll jump at any chance to assume it.

Retroist Q*Bert Podcast

I always love the Retroist’s podcasts, but I especially love his video game podcasts.  He outdid himself today with a podcast on one of the games I cover in Arcadian, the classic arcade game Q*Bert.

Check out the podcast at listen to it below.

Out of the Arcade – Q*Bert

Q*Bert was merchandised just about as much as Pac-Man.  My favorite piece of Q*Bert merch was this pencil/pen topper:

I think I cut this part out of Arcadian, but I had this little guy and kept him on my grade school pencils until he turned black and broke into pieces.  Here are some other cool Q*Bert pieces that I wish I had.

A Q*Bert Weeple! Remember Weeples? Anybody?




Kenner’s Q*Bert? I think Gottlieb would have something to say about that. The Playdoh set would be cool, though.


PVC. Sweet!