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A History of Nintendo

May 29, 2012

ANESthetized is a memoir of the NES, not a history. I couldn’t write a history. Not without doing a whole lot of research and coming out with something a lot less personally meaningful, anyway. But I am very interested in the history of the NES. If you are as well, you’ll love this little video. It throws out a bunch of things I never heard of before. We almost had the AES (Atari Entertainment System)? We owe everything to Teddy Ruxpin? All that and more in this short history of the NES.


More Nintendo Videos

May 4, 2012

Recording my thoughts about the NES on the page is one thing.  Recording them on video is another.  Here are a few more quick vids I made to emphasize a few of the points I talked about in ANESthetized.




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